How Do You Attach A Camera To A Car?

Shooting a photograph or video in a automobile can be rather difficult with out a proper mount, and in case you need to cozy your digicam out of doors the auto, it is able to be simply simple costly. Happily, there are tons of diy digital camera mounts for each inside and outside your automobile, and most of them are quite cheap to make. Here are some of the satisfactory.

Mhn productions got here up with a dashboard base plate for shooting interior, and a registration code mount for more dramatic out of doors photographs.

Here’s How Do You Attach A Camera To A Car?

For the dashboard mount, you’ll need a bit of wood, 4 rubber feet, and a bolt. The registration code mount is just angled metal and an l bracket. Mhn productions indicates the entire step-by way of-step system in the video beneath.

$10 sponge dashboard mount

How Do You Attach A Camera To A Car?This dashboard mount basically consists of a peanut sponge, a rug pad to keep it in region, and a few weights if you’re using a light digicam.

Within the video under, ben gill makes use of two d batteries and a roll of cash.

Headrest mount

You can make a headrest mount in approximately ten mins with simply a bit of 3/four” p.C conduit pipe, U-bolts with wingnuts, and a bolt for the camera mount. You may also upload rubber pads for protection like russap5 did below.

The Conclusion On The How Do You Attach A Camera To A Car?

Test out his full submit for more details and images of ways he made it.

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Here is a high-quality, easy magnetic mount for a gopro camera through getaway moments that you can attach to the hood of your car.

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